Roots – “A journey through the origins”

The fruit of each tree brings with him the seed memory. Through the roots, earth elements get into the fruits, marking their character, form and identity.

As every fruit, man is the result of what shaped him, starting from seeds through the roots. The earth feeds and shapes. The earth creates.

Starting from these considerations, “ANIMA ITALICA” forged “RADICI”. A journey of the soul, a journey into the memory, history, origins.

Memories. History. Present. Past. Future. In short, “RADICI-ROOTS”.  An idea born from a deep and careful consideration of our history, of our Roots.

We think of identity not as a result of self-affirmation but as a consciousness of a reality, of a soul that lives in deep and leads us to discover a new world but at the same time ancient. This moves us forward to the “other” and towards ourselves through an elliptical trip leaving from and getting to the same point.

We look at the identity from a different point of view in order to accept ourselves for who we truly are. “Roots”, then, are not what origins everything, but the place where to go back when you do not know or forget who you are, when you are uncertain, in doubt.

The profound knowledge of Italian land, of its peculiarities and its most hidden places, has inspired “ANIMA ITALICA” to design a tailor made journeys for whom that aim rediscovering its own origins. It doesn’t mean only to go to the places where the ancestral family was born, going to the places painfully left to pursue the dream of a better life. It means to feel, to live again the emotions of the places, breathing the different fragrances, tasting the flavours, looking at the beauties of the landscape and of its arts; sensations buried deep inside the heart even miles away.

“ANIMA ITALICA” offers the chance to return and to live again these sensory and soul’s experiences both to you and to all other fruits of the same tree, even if those fruits have fallen far away, to narrate them, through strong sensorial tasting, the gene that marked their origin. A customized journey to discover or rediscovering their own “Roots” and all the elements that, passed through the mother Earth, forged the tree. Regardless where the fruits have fallen.