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Unusual, Unknown, Unforgettable Experiences

ANIMA ITALICA promotes those services and products representing the excellence of Italy.
Italian emotional experiences and the high artisan’s manufactures are our main focuses and represent our greatest interest.
ANIMA ITALICA aim to present Italy worldwide as a Country full of hidden beauties that left us speechless when we discovered them for the very first time.
ANIMA ITALICA believes that Italy deserves to be recognized as a UNIQUE land; this is the reason why we are creating UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES that remain unknown to most of people.
Each product is part of an italian history and of an ancient culture which are usually hidden and very difficult to unveil. Only those who truly love their Country of origin become the ones discovering secrets, revealing hidden meanings, inspiring exclusive emotions.
Anima Italica believes that Italy is a incomparable land that needs to be enhanced; for certain, we offer the opportunity to discover Italy throught many ways; from handicrafts to itineraries and events and celebrations.

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Emotional experiences have been thought by ANIMA ITALICA for those visitors who want to fill the “luggage of their memories” with the eternal beauty and the extraordinary charm of an Italy which has not been known before.

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Anima Italica in synergy and through its different branches, supports and promotes high quality handcrafts, unknown to globalization either inable to dealing with suitable marketing actions.

Events and Celebrations

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Anima Italica is proud to be best partner of Garini Immagina & Palazzigas Events

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